Frequently Asked Questions

The work of the book may include (subject to discussions with you, the author):

Editing by Sristisukh for improvement of the book.
Illustrations within the book (if required).
Page-making and layouts.
Cover design.
ISBN and related barcode assignment.

High-quality printing and binding.
E-book version of the publication to be available on Google Play.

Pre-Release advertisement on Sristisukh website.
Marketing: Marketing the book through various media viz. advertisements.
Book launch: Sristisukh may help indirectly to organize the book launch.

Online Book sales through Amazon, Sristisukh Online, etc.
Inventory Management plus inventory insurance — keeping the pre-decided minimum number of copies at our warehouse till the contract period expires and ensuring the material against theft, serious physical damage, and fire.
Retail distribution to booksellers in India, subject to approvals from bookstores.
Sale of the e-book using appropriate channels.

After continuing for some time with the traditional publishing model we now have moved to the partner-publishing model where we embark on doing projects with authors (provided the manuscript is accepted and the terms and conditions agreed) by sharing costs and offering authors the option of buying back some copies of the title. With this option, we expect to have a faster turn-around time.

Please note that all the work done by the traditional publishing model remains the same in this as well – only the commercials have changed a bit to do justice to the manuscripts which we wish to publish as titles from Sristisukh.

Normally we plan to have our new publications to be ready before the Kolkata Bookfair every year. The Kolkata Bookfair commences on the last Wednesday of January every year and goes on for 12 days.

So currently if we agree on manuscripts between February – August of any year we will in all likeliness be able to publish the book in the Kolkata Bookfair the next year. Otherwise, if we agree on a manuscript between September – January we have to plan to publish the book sometime after the Kolkata Bookfair.

We have a team of highly qualified editors who review each submission and present individual reports.


As mentioned above, we have planned reading manuscripts/publishing of books in two slots in a year – from February – August and then again from September – January.

We will accept manuscripts by email and preferably in typed format. Please expect to hear back from us within 3 months. In case you don’t hear back from us in 3 months please do knock us again at

Necessarily not. It means, in all likeliness, that we didn’t get time to look thoroughly into your manuscript.

Till the time you do not have a formal Letter of Intent (LoI) from Sristisukh, please free to reach other Publishers with the work – we have no objection to the same.

If you move ahead with any other publisher before we (Sristisukh) have shared a Letter of Intent with you stating our willingness to publish the book provided the terms and conditions are agreed upon and understood by you, please do let us know, we will stop working on your manuscript further.

Yes. We have a team of highly qualified editors who may or may not edit the manuscript. You will be communicated about the edits that will be done.


It depends. Normally in the current scenario, we are looking at a retail price of INR 140-150 for a book of 96 pages. However, this price may vary on market conditions and also if the size of the book changes.

The final price of the book will be decided once the manuscript is accepted and we agree on the terms and conditions of publication with the author.

The sales report is generated every 6 months – at the end of September (for April to September of that year) and at the end of next March (for October that year till March-end next year). You will receive the agreed royalty fee for all copies sold within this period.

You need to provide your bank details and the royalties as calculated will be deposited in the same. In case you don’t wish to go by this method any alternate and feasible channel of disbursement will be discussed between you and Sristisukh during the later stages of the publication cycle.

We pay 10% royalties (on MRP of the printed book) to authors on the sale of printed books and 10% royalties (on MRP of the e-book) to authors on the sale of e-books.

Our e-books are available at Google Play and Amazon Kindle.

Our print versions are sold at Amazon India, Sristisukh Online and are available to bookstores and libraries.

We have our own outlet at Kolkata (30A Sitaram Ghosh Street, Kolkata – 9).

Yes. We usually provide an author discount in such cases. Please do reach us over mail and call and we will facilitate the same.