বিশ্বরূপ মহারাজের অনুবাদে ‘আলোকসাগর পারে’র নির্বাচিত অংশ

শ্রদ্ধেয় স্বামী নিত্যসত্যানন্দ, বিশ্বরূপ মহারাজ নামে যিনি সকলের কাছে পরিচিত, হাতে তুলে নিয়েছিলেন সিদ্ধার্থ মজুমদারের ‘আলোকসাগর পারে’ বইখানা। তারপর তাঁর ছাত্রছাত্রীরা, যারা বাংলা পড়তে পারে না, তাদের জন্য মুখে মুখেই তর্জমা করেন বইয়ের একাধিক প্রবন্ধ। নিউটন, ফ্যারাডের জীবনের কথা শোনাতে থাকেন ছোটোদের। পরে, নিউটনের উপর লেখা প্রবন্ধটি ইংরেজিতে অনুবাদ করেও তাঁর পরিচিতদের পড়াতে উদ্যোগী হন।

এই আশীর্বাদ মাথা পেতে নিল ‘সৃষ্টিসুখ’। তাঁকে প্রণাম।

আগ্রহীদের জন্য থাকল মহারাজের করা নিউটনের উপর লেখা প্রবন্ধটির অনুবাদ।


A glimmer of life

A small town in Lincolnshire, England, named Grantham.

From there, a remote village of Woolsthorpe, about six-seven miles west.

Most of the people in that village were illiterate and almost every family’s livelihood was agriculture.

Newton was born in an uneducated farmer’s house. Isaac’s father had a farm in the village. Farming would have earned fairly well. Father died three months before Newton’s birth Naturally, all the responsibilities of bringing up Newton came to her mother. Newton’s mother would have to handle all the tasks alone – home affairs, care of the child, farm work, crop sales.

When Newton was three years old, a deep crisis came down in his family. Newton’s mother again got married. Newton’s mother Hannah married to Smith, an elderly, wealthy and religious leader of a village several miles away from Woolsthorpe.

Before marriage, Smith gave his would-be wife, Newton’s mother, some conditions. Among them, Smith will be responsible for Newton’s support. In addition, maintenance of Newton’s late father’s farmhouse and homestead, whatever needs to do will be done by Smith. Hannah and Smith will have no rights at any income related to the accumulated money and cultivation of Newton’s late father.

However, soon Newton’s mother got married and after the marriage, Newton’s mother went to the second husband’s house, in the remote village. After the marriage, Newton’s Step-father objected to the fact that he will be not be taken with them.

Then began the extreme crisis in the child’s life of Newton

Since his knowledge, he could not see his father. In this vacancy will have to leave his mother again. With such a great helplessness, frustration, anguish and extreme experience of pain, Newton’s other childhood began.

After Mom left, little Newton had to go to his grandmother. In the custody of the grandmother he grown a little. Due to being a little older, she admitted Newton to the primary school. Newton started studying.

The pain and neglect of childhood experience had a great effect on the young Newtons sentiment. From his childhood, mother’s affection and loveless Newton became very quiet. There was no one; alone, except friends, and the atmosphere became natural. There was nothing in the motivation. Solitary and lonely life was Newton’s daily companion.

In this way, Newton continued to grow bigger in the Woolsthorpe farmhouse with his grandmother. Newton was very interested in any kind of equipment since then. He was able to open the small machinery ans equipment, even the lock, etc., by looking at them with deep motive.

By doing these things, Newton himself learns to create a variety of sophisticated models.


Poor farmars son became Lucasian professor of mathematics

Article compilation of Siddharth Majumdar

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